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Inspiring & awakening the creative identity & unique brand in all of us through motivational apparel, web logo graphic designs, and public appearances.

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If you are an individual, freelancer, business or nonprofit organization and have a desire to "make your mark", then Beard Man Brand is here to support and encourage you and your team to grow!

Wear encouraging reminders to Be More Bold with Beard Man Brand T-shirts and apparel. 

Showcase your unique brand with custom web, logo, & graphic designs.

Receive empowerment for your team or group with a "Beard Man" motivational session.

Follow my Instagram @beardmanbrand to experience my gig economy adventures!

the story behind the beard.

I am a freelancer, passionate motivator, husband to my love Diana, and father to our 4 awesome humans. The moniker “Beard Man” was created by our kids describing me as “the guy with the big beard”! Now, my beard-look personifies an ideology “YOU are your brand”. After 20 years of leading and mentoring in corporate departments and ministries, I am now inspiring people to be awakened in creative identity and to “Grow Your Brand” by maturing in spirit, soul and body.


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